Top Travel Hacks for 2022 – Covid Sequel Time

This time, let me share with you some travel hacks for 2022. They are more steered towards tips, but you may find some use either way.

This is a horrible time I am writing to you. I am currently sitting at my workplace, typing away as my country in a soft lockdown.

By the time you are reading this, the pandemic might not be as bad as it is right now, but one can never really tell the future.

Because of that, I will focus on COVID-19, and how you can use some travel hacks and tips to make trips easier and smarter.

Travel Hacks for 2022 – Preparation Tips

Compared to the usual days, we need to prepare more.

Depending on where you travel and what transport you use, you have to stack up on knowledge. For example:

1. Research what requirements there are

By that I mean, what requirements are for airports, and what requirements are for the destination.

travel hacks 2021 - preparation for airports

Some airports may require you to show proof of negative Covid-19 test:


Keep in mind, if you cannot show proof of a negative test or documentation of recovery, you cannot fly and won’t be allowed to board the plane

As said on, starting January 26, 2021

That was last year. According to, “you will need to get a COVID-19 viral test (regardless of vaccination status or citizenship) no more than 1 day before you travel by air into the United States.”

All that is important to check, especially nowadays. We haven’t really gotten used to it since we have functioned all our lives in one way, so we have to adapt.

Be that as it may, you should read up on requirements and follow through with them to avoid not only getting sick but accidentally infecting others.

2. Prepare for trips

travel hacks for 2021 - preparation for road trips

A true fact of Coronavirus is that it was spread by travel.

It couldn’t have gotten to us if people stayed in the countries. Obviously, we are not really at fault since we couldn’t have known all this exactly one year ago.

However, we do know much more now. That means, we carry more responsibility for other people’s lives.

That is why it’s very important to do some preparations. One of them is testing yourself at least 2 days before going on a trip.

I don’t know how fast the results come in your country, but in mine, I get an answer immediately. If the test comes positive, for the sake of others, DO NOT move around. You may carry it with ease, but older people may not be as lucky.

Apart from testing yourself, it’s a good idea to lay off activities for two weeks before the trip. Just limit your exposure and the risk is reduced greatly for you, as well as others.

Sanitation Tips

Travel hacks for 2021 - sanitation

This is very important.

Yes, it is a no-brainer, but there are still ways to keep you cleaner, just because we overlook some points. Let me explain.

As you may know, the virus doesn’t only travel by air. It can also stick to items.

You may touch the items and then scratch your nose or eyes. Then it’s an easy job for the virus to enter your system.

According to Healthline, we probably touch our face 16 times an hour.

Quote from Healthline

16 times is more than enough to get sick. So try to be aware of your face-touching habits as much as possible, especially when you travel.

That is why washing hands and sanitizers are important. The hand sanitizer should be alcohol-based (at least 60-70% alcohol).

1. Use hand sanitizers, sanitizing wipes, and sinks.

cloroz wipes for better sanitation

These are common places for virus to get stuck on due to frequent touching.

Buy some Clorox wipes (at least 70% alcohol) and just wipe away your stuff.

If you get a rental car – get Clorox wipes.

If you touch some public surfaces – use Clorox wipes.

Public surfaces include handrails, elevator buttons, random doors, armrests, trays, seatbelts.

If you don’t have sanitizers with you, at least use your sleeves to open doors or when touching sink controls. That way your face-touching habits will not expose you as much.

2. If you travel by air, you can take hand sanitizers with you

According to, you can take a hand sanitizer that is up to 12 ounces. In comparison, all other liquids are limited to 3.4 ounces.

3. Air in airplanes is surprisingly clean

HEPA filters are very effective in airplanes for travel

Despite our thinking of being in confined space, the air is well filtrated in airplanes.

They use HEPA filters that filtrate out 99.9% of the particles in the air that are over 0.3 microns in size. That also includes Covid-19 particles.

COVID-19 is actually 0.1 microns, but due to its tendency to bind itself to something bigger, it gets wiped away as well.

On top of that, they usually enforce an empty seat next to you. It’s not always the case, but as far as I’ve seen, they leave the middle seat empty.

So I can assure you that out of all spaces, airplanes are relatively safe.

Journey Tips

So to give some actual hacks that help in 2022, I will focus on the journey a bit.

1. Find random cheap flights 6 months in advance.

This is one of the things that Google just came up with recently, and I’ve been using it to the fullest.

Don’t know where to fly for a vacation, but want the cheapest flight possible?

I can fly to Paris in March for €30 if I buy a plane ticket right now – and that’s a round-trip price! There are tons of these deals available, that frankly, not many people know about. 

use google travel to find cheap flights randomly

To get them for free, go to Google Travel, choose “round-trip”, then choose “economy”, and change the date to the last month on the list. By doing that, you usually find that the price is the lowest of the bunch. You can, of course, check the other dates as well just in case.



2. Put a notification on cheap flights.

Back to using Google Flights again.

travel hacks use google flights

I tend to use Google Flights quite often as it is easy to use, and it’s straightforward.

I can even put a tracker to a destination I wish to travel to. With that, it will notify me via email if the price has drastically changed.

Unfortunately, it also notifies when it goes up. Plus, I can’t really track all cheap flights.

That is when I typically use ScottsCheapFlights.

They do the manual work by searching all the airline prices, and then sending them to you personally. It’s a good option if you want to be aware of the best prices.

3. Get drinks/food after going through airport security

Unlike before, many airlines are limiting their food and drinks offers. Many business classes stopped giving away free alcohol.

I recommend you buy food before you board the plane. That way you won’t have to suffer from an empty stomach during flights.

4. Be careful during road trips

travel hacks during trips 2021

Road trips are an awesome way to travel, but you have to be careful these days.

See also: 32 travel hacks for road trips!

It may seem like traveling by car is safer due to less exposure to other people, but it may not be the case compared to air travel.

We still have to get food from somewhere, visit restrooms, and fuel up.

That is why it’s very important to follow the sanitation tips I wrote above.

I may also recommend choosing restaurants that have a drive-through option. For example, McDonald’s. I used it quite often when I am in a hurry.

Now that Covid-19 has come, it seems they are “healthier” compared to restaurants that are frequently visited. The exposure is much smaller.

What about you?

Do you have any tips to share with other travelers? Leave them down in the comments for others to see!

If you enjoyed this article, share it and follow me 😉

Stay safe!

  1. Its already 2022, bit these tips are still great and relevant. While its best to still avoid or limit travel, if you really have to these tips should be followed. 

    Air in Airplanes is indeed one of the cleanest, but same thing can’t be said for some things like, the tray table, and buttons. I always wipe the buttons, arm rest, IFE screen, and tray table, before touching them, even before the pandemic.

    Buying food and drinks after security is great, but even now some airlines still forbid bringing outside food in, so you should be aware of the airlines rules before booking. 

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. About 20 years ago I worked for a worldwide airline and enjoyed flying all across the world for free. I had some great travel hacks, but when the “shoe bomber” made headlines, suddenly large bottles of liquids couldn’t be carried on and I had to make huge adjustments to my system. Here in 2022, we are again being asked to adapt to new rules of travel. I appreciate your helpful advice to encourage us to get back to traveling with as much ease as possible.

    1. That is crazy… I am sure you have a lot of stories from traveling. Traveling in 2022 is kind of pain in the butt, but the procedures are necessary.

  3. Hi, 

    This was just the sort of article I was looking for. I am delighted with all the practical information you gave out. In fact, I just checked Google Flights and I see that they provide some great discounts. And I had never even heard of them. 

    Thank u for this wonderful article on travel in COVID times. Super hacks. 



  4. I guess by this point most of us are dreaming of taking a trip somewhere…to vacation or visit family.  I have been looking online to see what opportunities are available but I’m so glad I read this before booking anything!  It never occurred to me to restrict my activities for two weeks prior to travel or to check what requirements are along the way.  Your thoughts about car travel vs air travel were also things I had not considered.  Thank you for posting this information.

    1. Yeah, many are not aware of the fact that planes might actually be safer in certain scenarios. 

  5. Hi, I’ve just read this helpful post you’ve shared about top travel hacks for 2021. I agree with you here that testing is the most important thing to do before travelling. We’ve been in the most awkward situation since this invisible enemy emerged and life has been tough in general. Posts like this one are very important because they keep educating people about how to take care of themselves to avoid being infected or infecting other people. Thanks so much for passing this message of encouragement and hope. I’ll also be sharing this post to spread the word.

  6. This is a very useful post to help prepare us for getting travelling again.

    We will all be apprehensive for some time, but we will get there.

    Your tips will certainly be useful and help to stop this horrid decease from being allowed to have the freedom it wants.  

    Lets kill it on every turn and get back to normal life again.

  7. In this day and time like never before we must do all that we can to ensure that both our family as well as us are safe during this time especially when covid 19 is so high. It is amazing how easy this disease can be spread and the amount of damage and death it has caused. What you have shared is so important and we should take proper steps in following what needs to happen in order to be safe and you have given the right information. Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. It will certainly be a different world of travel now, when we finally can. 

    These are excellent tips that people should seriously think about. It won’t be easy planning as Covis-19 still seems to be ebbing and flowing in many countries as they fight to contain it. That means restrictions change which doesn’t help the traveler at all. 

    It’s easy to think all is well if your own country has it under control and not check ahead.

    Good post, helpful and informative, thank you.

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