36 Travel Hacks For Packing Light – 80% Weight Win!

You know, I’ll be frank. There is a lot of information on how to pack light for travel on dozens of websites!

It’s like getting paralysis by analysis.

Good thing is, I follow them all! I’ve used these hacks, and I am ready to release the compressed (light?) version of all travel hacks for packing light.

Keep an open mind though. You might THINK that you need some items to take with you when you really don’t.

Let’s not waste time. Enjoy my hacks!

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Packing Hack #1 – Pick the right luggage for your travels

Packing Hack #1 - Pick the right luggage for your travels

Be honest with me. How many times have you packed your things extremely tight, only to realize that you have 1/3 of space available?

My hand is raised.

When I swapped to smaller luggage, I noticed how my traveling became lighter just by being smaller!

Smallness doesn’t always translate to lightness, but I did notice how I could fit it in places previously impossible.

It made my life much easier!

First of all, my luggage was smaller than 22 x 14 x 9 inches (56x36x23).

Do you know what that meant?

It meant I didn’t have to pay ridiculous baggage fees in almost all airlines I’ve traveled. That already saves me 30 bucks/euros!

It is also convenient with taxis and public transportation!

By having smaller things with you, you aren’t going to make a random Italian lady mad who, by the way, is going to be screaming and pointing at you for the duration of the trip.

Don’t ask me why it’s so specific.

Small baggage is called carry-on luggage. I’ll recommend a few of them when the time is right.

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Packing Hack #2 – Make sure to pack lighter clothes

Packing Hack #2 - Make sure to pack lighter clothes

This time, it is I who is going to be honest with you – back in the day, I was kind of stupid (I’m tempted to say the R-word).

During my visit to Ukraine in August 2008, I took warm jackets with me thinking that I was the smart one if the cold days came…

Spoiler alert: They didn’t come.

So, I do not know you personally, and I don’t know where you plan to travel, but one thing is for certain – plan it ahead.

If you visit a country with a relatively warm climate, DO NOT take heavy clothes.

If the worst comes to shove, just buy something from local shops. You can consider those as souvenirs!

What do I mean by heavy clothes?

Heavy clothes can be considered suits, fleeces, or wool-type clothes. They are bulky, weigh more, and take more space.

Light clothes are silk, polyester, nylon. These usually do not take much space.

For me, clothes should only take about one-third of my luggage.


Packing Hack #3 – Use legs to do the heavy lifting

travel hacks for packing light - use your legs

When you travel locally with a backpack, do you notice what takes the most space in your backpack?

Yes, shoes.

So, unless you are going to Siberia, put sandals and flip-flops inside your bag, and use your legs to wear a heavier pair of shoes.

Just put sandals to the bottom of your luggage, and you are good to go. That makes sure that the space is well distributed.

Putting them underneath everything else also helps with weight distribution.

It’s a travel hack I’ll mention next:


Packing Hack #4 – The heavier they are, the lower they should be placed

Do you want an easy experiment?

Take a backpack and hold it in front of you.

Now hold this backpack close to your chest.

I’d wager that the backpack is lighter when closer to your chest. The same principle works with luggage.

I remember I had moments where my luggage was flopping from left to right when the wheels were out, and I had to slow down to stabilize it.

It looks especially silly when you are in a hurry, and it looks like you are dragging a crying child with you that doesn’t want to go to the dentist.

See also: 33 Travel hacks with kids to make trips EASY!

But once I distributed the bulk of the weight to the lower side, all these problems disappeared.

Try it out.


Packing Hack #5 – Use the space, Luke

Using space within shoes helps with packing

Use available air pockets within your baggage.

The best example I could give?

The shoes! We are back with the shoes! The shoes have these amazing pockets within them that, should you take an extra pair of heavy shoes, can be used as a secret stash.

I usually hide my secret socks there. Trust me, no one found them!

But jokes aside, it’s actually super practical. You can use anything you want to place there – socks, jewelry, medicine, underwear (not recommended), chargers, and so on.

You name it!

Make sure not to place masks there… Unless you are into that kind of thing, I imagine smelling the ripeness of your feet all day isn’t the best idea during the COVID crisis.


Packing Hack #6 – Most toiletries aren’t actually needed

Most toiletries aren't actually needed

Think about it.

Do you really need the stuff you are taking with you?

I don’t…

Now that I think about it, I am a man, so that discredits this part of the tip since men are notoriously light-packed when it comes to shampoos or skin care.

However, I still urge you to consider the fact that most hotels already offer needed toiletries. Even if they don’t, just buy some.

Consider it another exotic souvenir – a shampoo from the great country of Zimbabwe, for example!

You could make some great stories with it.


Packing Hack # 7 – You don’t need that many clothes

You dont need that many clothes

I can’t count on my fingers, how many times I’ve taken something with me, and never wore it during my travel vacation.

I am sure it’s not only me, so please, think thoroughly.

What do you need, and what do you love to wear?

The best amount of clothes is multiplying types by three:

Three undergarments, 3 pairs of socks, 3 types of pants, 3 shirts or skirts.

If it’s not enough, buy them locally. You can also wash them either through hotel services or by hands in the sink.

I’ve done it countless times, and enjoy it.

Also, make sure they all work together well. It would be unfortunate if you decide to take red pants with an orange shirt that says “Nickelodeon” or something.

Everything has to match!

My advice would be to take neutral colors with you.

White, gray, and black are the best.


Packing Hack #8 – Use backpacks with carry-on luggage

Backpacks are the best

My favorite piece of equipment to carry is with the help of a backpack. It makes me feel as if I am back in school. Backpacks are easy to carry around and are spacious with lots of pockets.

Do you take advantage of backpacks?

I use sleeves and pockets for my keys, documents, wallet, and most importantly, my laptop.

As I do some work while traveling, having a portable computer is needed.

I need no laptop bags or cases. My trusty backpack can do so much work and feels much lighter compared to typical bags.

The best part?

I can actually charge my electronics since my backpack has a solar panel to draw power from the sun.

Backpacks truly are the best for me, and I am sure you’ll love them too. Backpack weight distribution is perfect for long travels while not feeling the heaviness of usual carriable bags.

Most airlines also allow you to take it with you along with carry-on luggage.

That means your laptop or personal items are easily accessible by reaching under your seat, where the backpack will be.

Also, no baggage fees for you!


Packing Hack #9 – Go digital, ditch books

Ditch books for light travel

I know some of you will be opposed to that. I know it because deep down, I am.

I just love the feeling of paper under my fingers, and the feeling I get is much more natural to me.

However, I can’t deny the fact that practicality is superior.

That’s why I have invested in tablets for reading and entertainment.

They actually do a remarkable job.

You won’t have to worry about unlit spaces or, most importantly, the weight of those books. If you are reading a fairly popular book, chances are, it’s available online.

That means, no matter how many books you have, they are always with you!

1 book is usually around 500 grams.

4 books equate to 2 kilograms (4-5 pounds).

1 Kindle = 170 grams (6 ounces).

The math speaks for itself.

5 pounds don’t seem much, but trust me, over time you will feel it. Take those weights off after a long walk, and trust me, you will feel like you are ready to conquer Mount Everest.

Although I still need my laptop for personal work (regarding 3D), I still take my tablet with me.

But what do YOU need for traveling?

If you only want to read, use a Kindle. If you do document work, use a tablet (most have access to desktop view). If you need to do some heavy processing work, use a laptop.

All these things fit into a backpack easily, so you will have no problems with space or weight.

It will feel light.


Packing Hack #10 – Use folding and rolling methods efficiently

Know when to fold and roll clothes

Let’s get to the point:

The folding method works best with hard clothes like denim jeans and blouses.

The rolling method works best with soft fabrics like silk or wool.

Believe it or not, it does matter what method you use. Most are using folding, whereas you can save a significant amount of space by rolling fabrics.


Packing Hack # 11 – Consider using Packing Cubes

These are the heavy guns. I whip them out when I need to divide my travel stuff, and squeeze compress it as tight as possible.

I look at packing cubes like a traveling version of WinRar.

You zip it before your travel and unzip it once it has reached its destination.

They are extremely sturdy and are made of strong material.

That ensures that they don’t explode like a bomb in the airplane.

When I first started traveling, they were too expensive for me. If that’s also the case with you, I am glad to introduce…


Packing Hack #12 – What about vacuum bags!

Try vacuum bags out
Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as in the picture

Vacuum bags are so useful. I have used them for my food, clothes, and for the separation of my luggage items.

They work very effectively, especially when you look at the price.

The only negative thing I would say is that it’s sometimes a hassle to get the air out.

That’s the price you pay for paying less, I guess.


Packing Hack #13 – Tablets are becoming smarter

If I would have told someone 10 years ago, that your flat phone would be 3 times as powerful as those desktop computers, people would be looking at you silly.

Well, now it’s a reality.

Most office jobs that are available around the world can be done with our tablets.

Is it easier?

Not really, but the job will certainly be done. Samsung Tab S4, which I currently use, has a desktop mode called Dex mode. It looks just like a regular desktop and has the same functionalities as any laptop.

Why would I use it?

A regular laptop weighs around 2kg (4 pounds).

A tablet weighs only 0.4kg (1 pound).

You already win 1.6kg. Worth it?

I’d say so.

On top of that, if you dislike typing on a screen with thumbs, but a keyboard cover. It protects your tablet, looks stylish, and makes the typing job much faster.


Packing Hack #14 – Photography should be done with phones

taking photos is better than photo camera

Photography has never been easier. If you are like me, you probably travel to discover new places.

So taking photos is a must!

Forget the days when you needed to take a specialized video camera or a photo camera with you.

Unless a wedding is happening, leave cameras at home – your phone is more than capable of doing everything you need.

There is a small catch.

Make sure to have a newer phone. For example, current leaders at taking photos are Samsung Series phones, certain iPhones, and Google Pixel ones.

I use a Samsung S20+, and it’s magnificent…


Packing Hack #15 – You do not need headphones

 Use earbuds instead of headphones

I have never, ever, traveled with headphones. I enjoy the sound richness that comes from them, but they are not really needed.

Use earbuds instead.

They take significantly less space and aren’t as noticeable to your surrounding crowd.

I use the ones that also cancel out some of the outside noise!

Have you heard of them?

Headphones are more known for noise-canceling, but earbuds can also do the job. I’ll give you a recommendation soon, so keep up with us!


Packing Hack #16 – Leave your towels at home

Most hotels that I have visited, always offered towels. If not, you can either lend them from the hotel or buy them from the closest store.

I understand the need for personal items, and I understand the feeling that you get from using unfamiliar items.

Towels are one of them.

Personal towels make you feel closer to home – that is at least how it is with me. But they are not really practical for travel.

If, for any reason, you want to take only your own towel-like item, let me introduce you to…


Packing Hack #17 – Sarongs!

I personally haven’t used them, but I’ve seen them being used!

My living partner has found extraordinary uses for them, and she has only scratched a surface.

Just look at this video:

I am a man… but I wouldn’t mind playing around with this kind of material.

It has multiple uses, not only as a towel but as everyday wear as well.


Packing Hack #18 – Make use of your body for heavy clothes

When I travel, I make sure that the heavier clothes are equipped during the transportation phase.

It’s too hot outside?

Try to find a good balance between the maximum amount of wearables and how many you can tolerate considering the climate.

Don’t get a heat stroke, but be mindful of what you wear – if you are rocking a t-shirt only, maybe it’s time to put on a fleece?

Doing that lightens your load considerably!


Packing Hack #19 – Use a packing list

Use a packing list

The packing list has saved my butt many times.

If I only rely on my own brain, I’d have that mother’s face from the Home Alone movie, when she was on a plane and something was bothering her.

The packing list also helps with deciding what you want to take with you!

Sometimes, when you go over things, you realize that a third of the stuff that you want to take with you is not really needed.

With that you accomplish two things:

  1. Your mind is at ease.
  2. Your luggage is lighter.

Do you want to know what packing list I personally started using?

Indianajo’s Packing List.

I told you I follow many bloggers. She is quite knowledgeable and has tons of useful tips for traveling. I always share the mindset, that no knowledge is bad knowledge.

Everything can be useful.


Packing Hack #20 – Layout your things on the bed, and start from there

By laying out the items that you plan to take with you, you will have a clear visualization of items, and therefore it’s easier to decide what you need and what you don’t need.

It works just like a packing list.

See an inflatable doll on the left side of the bed? Get that thing off!

Notice a hairdryer on the right side of the bed? Send it to the ranch!

I guarantee you, it will be quick and easy to find items that are useless for long travels.

On bonus with this travel hack?

You’ll find items that you actually need, and forgot to include!

Try the bed method out.


Packing Hack #21 – Buy some cheap shower caps for your shoes

use shower caps for shoes so that you save space during travels

The best part of shower caps is that they are light and easy to transport.

Many use regular plastic bags to put the shoes in.

I do not recommend that. Not only do they make more noise, but they have those air pockets that fill the space and therefore limit the available room.

Shower caps, on the other hand, hug your shoes so that there is zero difference in your luggage. Not only do they keep your bags clean, but they are also much easier to take off compared to typical plastic bags.

Shower caps are definitely one of the best investments I have made for traveling.


Packing Hack #22 – Hairdryers are a no-go

One of the saddest things I saw a couple of years ago was witnessing a woman in her 50s carrying at least 25kg of items, with a hairdryer tangling in a net next to her hip.

I mean… really?

Not only does it add considerable weight, but it takes so much space that I sometimes wonder why she didn’t take a table lamp with her as well.

Hairdryers are definitely one of the things that should only stay at home.

Most hotels are aware that you don’t have a hairdryer with you, so they install them in every bathroom. If the worst comes to shove, towels are your friend.

We can live without hairdryers for a couple of weeks, I am sure of it.


Packing Hack #23 Leave pajamas forever

I’ve got to say, I have no problems with this particular piece of advice. I don’t really use pajamas, although I’ve seen people pack them.

That, I think, is truly the worst idea.

Pajamas are awfully heavy, and they take all the space away. Like with many other items, reasonable hotels are ready to offer their own pajamas.

I’d rather walk for 5 minutes naked in snow than take that atrocity with me to new countries.


Packing Hack #24 For ladies: Wax your legs

wax instead of shave

If you don’t wax your legs, chances are, the hair will grow out in a couple of days. If you wax it, you won’t have to worry about legs for weeks!

That means you will be compelled to take a razor and a shaving cream with you.

I think I don’t even have to tell you that it takes a certain amount of space away from you. Although they are little, it stacks.

By leaving razors (as well as all the other inconsiderable toiletries) at home and choosing the painful #waxlife instead, you can already shave 5 pounds from your travel weight!


Packing Hack #25 – For Men: Grow a beard

Grow a beard for travels

Just like with the ladies, men also need to make some sacrifices. Growing a beard might be one of them (considering if it’s your default or not).

It’s well known that beards can look quite good, especially if they are groomed. However, we have no space for grooming kits!

One way is to shave your beard off completely or have a least a light stubble.

That way you won’t really have to worry about your face for at least a couple of weeks.

I have a beard by default, so for me, it’s not really an issue. Even if my beard is getting too long, I use scissors to keep it in check.


Packing Hack #26 – Sharing is caring!

There are many items that you can share. Unless you are traveling solo, just use the same toothpaste.

I, for instance, share my charger with my partner in crime. Most new phones share universal plugs, and it makes life much easier. I can charge my phone, partner’s phone, my tablet, and also my laptop with a type-C USB connector.

Toiletries and electronics aren’t the only shareable items.

If you two are around the same size, let your partner leave some fleeces at home. It’s common for people to wear the same clothes.

BONUS: It also brings us closer to each other.


Packing Hack #27 – Be aware of the weight

 use portable scales to know how much your luggage weighs

All the items in your bags should not weigh more than 6-8kg (15 pounds).

Any more than that and you run the risk of getting tired from vacations.

I have a term for that: “tiredofvacationitis”.

I hate tiredofvacationitis… It’s like you went on a vacation to get away from everything, but the travel is more stressful than the job itself.

Don’t worry, you are reading the right article!

Having a lighter load help the enjoyment part a great deal.

I recommend you invest in a portable scale. For me, they are better than regular ground scales, and I can take them with me if I feel the need.

Use the scale to find out how much baggage you carry with you, and consider lightening the load if it is more than 8kg.

Your back will thank you for it.


Packing Hack #28 – Find shorter versions of cables

Nowadays, almost all phones come with a charging cable of 1 meter.

That’s perfect for travel.

If you use something longer, consider buying a shorter one.

I know that it might feel like an unnecessary change, but when I travel, I do notice how I am having fewer troubles with getting my luggage items out simply because of fewer cables.

Otherwise, with all the other charges that we use, it starts to feel like a snake pit that’s all tangled together.

It may not be a weight win per se, but the mind is certainly more at ease.


Packing Hack #29 – Mail home dirty laundry

mail laundry home when traveling

I mean, at first, I would guess your thoughts are like, what?

But in reality, it’s actually a thing.

Personally, I haven’t really done it yet as I don’t mind carrying the same weight home, but I can see where it can get useful. Especially, if I have clothes that need washing, and there are no washing machines, nor proper sinks.

On top of that, it greatly reduces the weight you have to carry after packing and being ready to go home.

I am sure your close ones wouldn’t mind washing laundry if the need arises.

But if you live alone, just send it home, and pick it up once you are back!


Packing Hack #30 – Know where the weight comes from

Clothes, believe it or not, aren’t the heaviest items in your carriable storage.

Yeah, one can make a case with jeans, but in reality, the weight usually comes from:

  1. Gadgets
  2. Toiletries

Since I’ve been hammering both of them quite hard in my previous tips, I gather you understand the importance.

Luckily, as we’ve seen, lots of toiletries can be left home due to the simple reason that hotels already have them, as well as nearby shops.

Gadgets like laptops, phones, and tablets are mentioned in packing hacks #9, #13, #14, and #15.


Packing Hack #31 – Forget the food

That is definitely an unnecessary carry. Just like with the hairdryer lady, I’ve seen people with a net bag of apples with them.

They just walked right into the airplane, and my face was like:

🙂 …
I understand that the food is pricey in the air but, really?

I guess if it works for them, sure. But if you are planning to walk for many miles/kilometers, ditch it.

You can buy food anywhere. Let the shops carry the weight of the food, not your back!

But, if you truly want to take snacks with you, buy nuts. Their caloric density is very high considering the size.

That makes them a perfect travel snack that you can squeeze wherever you want!


Packing Hack #32 – Inflatable travel pillow

inflatable travel pillow better than regular pillow

It’s one of the best investments I’ve made in regards to travel and sleep.

I love my pillow, and leaving it at home is somewhat painful.

But I understand that my precious one will not fit anywhere, especially in my luggage that’s designed for compression.

One thought that calms me is that my pillow would be uncomfortable anyway.

Most travels are done by being in a seated position, and everyday pillows just won’t work.

But inflatable travel pillows will!

I’ll link my own travel pillow to you soon (subscribe to me in the meantime).

These travel pillow, at first, will feel a bit weird, but once you get used to it, it becomes a lifesaver!

Your neck will not be sore after a long air or bus time, and it’s close-packed, making it very space-friendly.


Packing Hack #33 – Consider ditching jewelry

Depending on your style, jewelry may or may not be a necessity.

But if you notice yourself having a minimal amount of jewelry on you in everyday life, jewelry will definitely bring more cons than pros.

However, they are not really spacious, at least if we look at rings and earrings.

If you feel like you want to take them, pack them in a small drawstring pouch. You’ll feel like you are back in the medieval days with valuables in your pouch, but at least it will be compact.

Another tip would be to buy jewelry from local jewelry or souvenir shops!

It would be like an investment in the local culture, which you can then show to your friends and family.


Packing Hack #34 – Look at it as an expensive shopping

Inspired by the previous tip, I can imagine looking at it as an expensive shopping trip.

“Hey hon, I’ll buy some clothes and souvenirs… I’ll be back in a month!”

If you would go into a journey with a mindset, that I’ll buy everything on the spot, you could leave 80% of your things at home.

Think of it as a challenge.

You’ll be like Arnold Schwarzennegger, butt-naked landing on foreign soil, looking for something to wear.

Now that I look at it, it does sound fun.

Would you do it?


Packing Hack #35 – Work out!

working out makes traveling easier

The stronger you are, the lighter the load is.

A few months of proper workout can actually lighten the load by a surprising amount!

My own guilty pleasure is doing calisthenics (which is travel friendly, by the way), and the hard work resulted in me managing long walks with a breeze.

Make sure though, that you train the right areas of your body. For travel, I would suggest you focus on the core body and legs.

Core exercises help alleviate the back pain that you get from carrying your items.

Leg exercises help with long walks, especially when the terrain is up and down.

Arms can be trained, but don’t really play that big of a role.


Packing Hack #36 – Time to empty your wallet!

remove loyalty cards from your wallet to save some space

No, I am not meaning in terms of money.

I mean loyalty cards that have a tendency to stack over years.

Be honest with me. You haven’t used most of them for a long time.

If you don’t use them at home, you will certainly not use them now. Look inside your wallet, and think carefully about what you need and don’t need.

But the weight improvement is minimal, you say?

True, but the pockets will be a lot slimmer. The overall feeling that you get is oftentimes just as important as the feeling of weight when traveling.

Full pockets make you feel stuffed and slow, whereas slim pockets create a light feel within you.

I’ve done that change myself too, and I can personally say that it’s a bigger change than taking 1kg of items out of your bags.


Packing Hack #37 – Pick a Light Suitcase!

light suitcase for light travel

As I mentioned before, smaller carry-on luggage can help you a ton.

But, if you absolutely have to use a bigger suitcase, make the right decision in terms of weight. There are some suitcases, that are extremely light, and therefore, lighten the load considerably.

One of my recommendations for light suitcases is looking at the “Monos’ Luggage” compartment.

They are a bit on the expensive side, but at least they are made with quality, durability, and weight in mind.

Of course, this is just one of the recommendations. Feel free to look and buy yourself, what you find suitable.

I advise finding something between 7-10 pounds max, depending on size.


Packing Hack #38 – Duffel bags should not be forgotten

duffel bag for lighter luggage

In my opinion, the best item holders you can hold, are the ones you don’t have to hold!

That usually includes backpacks and suitcases (you technically have to HOLD suitcases, but at least you don’t have to carry the weight as much).

But what people tend to forget are duffel bags.

They are these bags that you use for the gym, as they let you have free hands to hold other essentials, like documents or phones.

Not only are duffel bags very comfortable on your shoulders, but they also weigh practically nothing, while having tons of free space.

You don’t have to buy the most expensive duffel bag. You can find them in any second-hand store for 40 bucks, and you are basically good to go.

I personally use a duffel bag that I bought for 50 euros five years ago, and it still serves me faithfully on most of my travels.


We finally reached the end! It’s quite a long list of things to read, so good job if you followed through!

If you have any other questions or even personal experiences that you want to share, please comment below! Me, as well as many others, would like to read them!

Share it on social media! It helps me in terms of recognition and paying bills.

Safe travels and stay chill!


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    1. Appreciate your appreciation 🙏 I will not talk about backpacks just yet, but I will give a review on them in the near future. I’ve got tons of things to say about them, and for some backpacks I’ll be harsh. Feel free to follow to be up to date for my backpack release!

  9. Thank you so much for this informative article with these great hacks on traveling light for a quick trip! Or even a long trip honestly. I don’t need much to meek me afloat on a good old fashioned trip out of town. The information you have provided here has been very valuable to me, thank you so much

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