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10 Travel Hacking Blogs That I 100% Recommend!

One might ask, why do you link to other travel hacking blogs. Don’t you send traffic away from your site?

No, I don’t think that way. It’s trying times right now, and people need all the help they can get. My fellow bloggers in the niche as well.

That is why I created this list of blogs that I have been reading and taking notes from for almost a decade. They have not only helped me with shaving off thousands of dollars from travel expenses but also helped me save tons of time, luggage weight, increase traveling comfort, and so much more.

They deserve to get as much praise as possible.

So here is…

My List of Travel Hacking blogs that I personally follow

…and frequently read! By the way, in No Particular Order!


#1 – TripAdvisor became popular mostly by focusing on the review aspect of travel. Users visit places and then leave reviews on TripAdvisor.

As there is so much misinformation on the web about different places and services, seeing reviews from other people assures other visitors a lot more than any other blog.

I use TripAdvisor a lot when I travel, whether I want it or not (as they are quite high in search rankings), and they offer great value.

However, reviews aren’t the only thing they offer. They write quite often, and they have a lot of experience in traveling. That is when they leave certain travel hacks and tips for users.

Believe me, I’ve been traveling for many years now, and have found many tips, and yet I still discover tricks and hacks that are just borderline genius.

TripAdvisor has been one of the sources.



#2 – Nomadic Matt

nomadicmatt offers plenty of information, that has relevancy to everyday travelers.

I enjoy that his information is laid out in a very personable way. That is achieved by him mostly just sharing his personal experience in such a manner that it’s like talking to a random experienced traveler.

Oh, and experience he has plenty. He compressed a lot of that into a book called “How to Travel the World on $50 a Day” that is available on the web right now.

It’s very well written, which has actually led me to read it many times over. No wonder the book has been featured on The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Time, BBC, The Huffington Post, The Guardian, and National Geographic, and on many other publications.



#3 – ExtraPackofPeanuts

best blogs - extrapackofpeanuts

Although it can be seen that they haven’t been able to write much during covid, I still got a lot of useful information from them by reading their travel guides.

He/she wrote a lot of information back in 2020 on what places to visit in each country, where to eat, what to avoid, which activities to choose, and always finishing it up with final thoughts.

They aren’t writing much, but when they do, it’s worth the read!



#4 – DoctorofCredit

best blogs - Doctor of Credit

Over the years, you understand that the information that’s out there may not be fully honest. For example, I don’t really follow ‘The Points Guy’ for credit advice anymore, as in my opinion, they have been swayed by commission differences too much lately.

Because of that, my go-to website to learn about ‘churning‘ is DoctorofCredit. I’ve been reading their posts a lot, and have found that they post relatively unbiased information due to not posting affiliate links, which is hard to find these days.

If you are looking to find more information on Airline miles, then this is the website to go to.



#5 –

best blogs -

Although the site could use some updating in the blog area, the information they give out is just priceless.

I’ve read their blog for some time, but the videos they make under the channel “Travel by Dart” is well worth the watch.

I’ve really enjoyed reading their pieces, as many of the hacks I have learned and used were written by them initially.

If you want to check out this OG, visit


#6 – ZeroToTravel

If I am not mistaken, ‘ZerotoTravel’ website got its legs underneath in 2012 by a gentleman called Jason.

Back in 1998, he decided to change his life and go travel around with a limited budget. With that, he gained a lot of experience in the field, especially with how to find jobs to finance the trip.

His writing style is very appealing, and I’ve personally have beer reading a lot of his posts, with my personal favorites being “How to work for an Airline and Fly For Free” and “How to Start a Travel Blog”. Although not the ‘only’ motivators, he is one of the reasons I started looking into making a travel blog.

The founder also has an awesome podcast. If you are into stories about travel, I definitely recommend checking him out!



#8 -KaraAndNate

best blogs - kara and nate

You actually might know them from their Youtube channel called “Kara and Nate”, but they do have a blog as well. The blog is very well done, and has tons of useful knowledge.

They are very straight with their information and they have even posted their income and expense reports for everyone to see. It shows how much they earn from each source of income, and where that money is going in their travels.

But the blog isn’t the main reason I like to follow them, no matter how refreshing their honesty is. Their Youtube channel is very active and it’s fascinating to watch them explore and find different places. I have gotten a lot of tips from them just by enjoying their content.

Some people say that their content is a bit too commercial-oriented the last couple of years, but considering the impact Covid left on travel industry, it’s perfectly understandable the need to find extra income.

I wholeheartedly recommend checking them out.



#9 – 5LostTogether

best travel hacking blogs - 5losttogether

Sometimes you don’t need more tips. Sometimes, it’s enough to get a perspective that fits your own view of the world.

That is why 5LostTogether has been chosen by me. They travel with a lot of kids that can be very challenging. There is a reason why SPA-s, hotels, classes, and so on separate their packets by age.

It’s because kids are sometimes hard to deal with. For that, many parents need guidance, and tips.

5LostTogether is perfect for that! As the name suggests, its a family of 3 traveling around the world, and with each place they visit, they have their own tips to share with.

If you have your own children that you’d like to travel with, I 100% recommend this travel hacking blog.



#10 – TravelHackit

best travel hacking blog - travelhackit

Well well, let’s do a bit of self-advertising. After all, travelhackit is a travel hacking blog as well, and quite a knowledgeable one.

As I read a lot of different blogs in this travel hacking niche, I’ve gathered a lot of experience, and know what works and what doesn’t.

However, other blogs are just as useful within their own category.

If I was you, I’d find what suits you the best. If you have lots of children, try 5losttogether. If you only want credit card tips, try out DoctorofCredit, and if you are looking for places to visit, check out TripAdvisor.

I mostly focus on how to be efficient with travel in terms of money, time, and space.

If you like what you read, you can follow me 🙂


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