Travel Deodorant Hacks That Take 5 minutes!

Did you know it works wonders against mosquitoes?

I am going to share with you some travel deodorant hacks that you probably haven’t heard of.

Why you might need it, you might ask?

I am an avid lover of deodorants. Whether I like it or not, I sweat a fair share, especially when I walk long distances in the countries that I visit.

Reaching the destination while smelling like a backside of a baboon isn’t the best thing.

I am sure at least one of you can relate.

So what do you do?

According to TSA, you can take deodorants that do not exceed 100ml (3.4 ounces) with you on a plane.

Depending on what deodorants you have, you might have to find an alternative. My personal recommendation is to buy the correct travel stick deodorant.


The best option is to buy the correct Travel deodorant

travel deodoront hacks - use this deodorant as it's cheap and small

Not only buy one but buy in packs. It’s cheaper that way and you get used to this new smell.

Here is what I use:

This is the fastest way to travel safely without worrying about TSA.

But what if you want to use some travel deodorant hacks?


Travel Deodorant hacks that take no time at all

Regular deodorants are great and all, but they have their own disadvantages like being too expensive and always breaking apart while traveling.

No one wants deodorants that fall apart leaving only 20% inside.

So what you do is this.

travel deodorant hacks - microwave the deodorant

Things you need:

  1. Random container that is microwave friendly.
  2. Empty lipstick tube or just a smaller deodorant tube
  • Find a random container
  • Take the regular deodorant that you use.
  • Scoop it all out of its tube.
  • Put it in a container.
  • Throw it in the microwave.
  • Wait for 30 seconds.
  • Pour the liquid gently into the new tube.
  • Reap the benefits.

If you are a man, using lipstick for deodorant might be a bit unusual, so make sure to use something that you are comfortable with.

I’ve done this trick with lipstick just for the fun, and I am a man. Seeing the reactions of my fellow companions was worth the hack by itself.

Here is a video in case you prefer a visual representation:


Uses for the empty deodorant

Depending on whether the tube is transparent or not, you may use it to store valuable items.

No, I do not mean weed.

Usually, the tube is the perfect size for credit cards, exchange money, business cards, certain documents.

I would not advise storing coins there. It would kind of destroy the purpose of sneakiness, as they make a lot of sounds while moving around.

A thief would find the jackpot real quick.

But if everything is tight and non-metal, I would gladly hear from a person who says that thieves found their secret stash.


Other useful deodorant hacks to use during travel

I am going to share with you some tips and hacks that involve deodorants.

They are frequently used by me during my travel days. I especially like the 3rd one.


1. Deodorants have Aluminium Chloride – useful for bug bites

use travel deodorant to soothe the bug bites

Aluminium Chloride in deodorant bars draws the moisture away from your skin.

That includes toxins that bugs give you.

Chloride is known as one of the components of salt. Salt basically sucks the toxins out. It will burn a bit in the beginning, but that’s how you know it works correctly.

This deodorant hack is especially useful if you plan to visit countries that are moist and full of mosquitoes as well as biting bugs.

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2. Use Deodorant for Razer burns

apply travel deodorant to razor burns

When I travel, I usually try to have a very light suitcase. That means I leave some toiletries at home.

Aftershave is one of them.

You might think like, what, but it’s actually something that I rarely use. In fact, once I found that I can use deodorants for razer burns, I sometimes prefer deodorants over any shaving product on the market.

I am not the only one:

I tried conditioner in place of shaving cream on a trip a few years ago and have used it ever since. I don’t even need aftershave when using conditioner.

It even slows down bleeding!

3. Use the travel deodorant scent as a perfume

One of the things I hate about traveling is the lack of opportunities to wash my clothes.

From time to time, they smell.

What I do is, as soon as I arrive at a hotel that I booked, I take the lid off and place the deodorant inside the closet.

I don’t like perfume as it gives out too strong of a presence. I prefer a light smell of aroma that reminds me of washed clothes.

If you are in the same boat, make sure to try it out.


4. Apply some travel deodorant cream on the bridge of your nose

It’s not for protection against the sun. Deodorants don’t do anything against that.

Deodorant cream on your nose stops your sunglasses from sliding down.

Depending on what type of nose you have, you may need it. Personally, I’ve got my mother and father to thank that my nose isn’t too aligned with the ground, so I don’t use this hack too much.

However, you might find it useful if you have problems with sunglasses.

After all, we visit new places usually when the sun is out. Sunglasses are a must, so I am sure many will find some use from this deodorant tip ;).


5. Apply travel deodorant cream on your heels

apply deodorant to heels
We can avoid that.

Heels are the ones that suffer the most when you walk long distances.

I remember when I started traveling, my legs were a mess. I’ve built some skin thickness over the years so I don’t get that many blisters.

However, I still apply the cream for protection.

Deodorants do wonders for your feet. Not only do they protect your feet, but they act as a lube!

Make sure not to use it as a lube in other activities! It does not work as well there, haha.


By the way, I’ve got tons of travel hacks that I share every week for free. Follow me on social media to receive them also!

If you have any other deodorant tricks that you like to use, let me know down in the comments!

Stay safe!


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