Top 12 Travel Hacks Reddit Came up With!

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I use Reddit a lot.

In my opinion, it has the best voting system out of all social media platforms. There are travel hacks Reddit users have used and found great success.

Even I take some notes from time to time. Reddit is just unique.

However, not all tips are properly explained. Some are even outdated.

Let me compile a list of some of the best hacks that Reddit has come up with for traveling that are still relevant in the current landscape.


#1 Here is how to cancel hotel reservations for a refund

 hotel reservation tricks

I’ve been there many times.

Something comes us, and I am unable to visit the hotel. Raise your hands if you’ve been there.

Usually, you cannot get a refund because it’s not allowed by the cancellation policy.

However, many hotels allow you to get a refund if, AND ONLY IF, you have a reservation that was created just a few hours ago.

So, what you do is:

Call the hotel to move the reservation to a later date, like next week. Even though asking for a refund when you were booked for days may be against the cancellation policy, most hotels allow you to move the reservation date.

Once you’ve done that, wait a couple of hours so that you have a different hotel representative behind the phone and cancel your “new” reservation.

Be aware though!

It does not work with every hotel, nor every time. Some hotels are aware of this hack and they take notes of reservations that were moved.

Nowadays, some hotels even update their software to prevent these kinds of cancellations.

However, if you truly cannot make it to the hotel, why not try it out.

It’s not against the law – it’s a workaround so that your money doesn’t go to waste by paying for a hotel where you won’t even be sleeping in.

If it won’t work, at least you gained the knowledge and tried everything you can.

Be nice about it though. Whatever hotel rep tells you, it’s never bad to share positive vibes, especially if hotels suffer from a shortage of guests.

Who knows, they may even meet you halfway because of that.

Credit to u/peacockblue11.


#2 Be smart with renting cars

car rental hacks to save time

Oh, you can be sure that the closest car rentals will have their prices inflated due to high rental demand from tourists.

Every single one and their mother will use rental cars close to airports.

That is why you should call a taxi instead of a rental car. Call a cab, type in “best car rent” and pick one that is not too close and not too far away.

Show the location to the taxi driver and that’s it.

You can literally save hundreds of dollars by doing just this simple trick.

Credit to u/mtg-Moonkeeper.


#3 Take Advantage of Cruise Line prices

cruise ships have better policies than hotels

By the way, save this page by sharing it on social media! You’ll find travel hacks easier that way in the future.

So, back to business.

Unlike hotels, most reputable cruise lines don’t worry if you decide to cancel and get a refund (except the last day).

That means this.

Search for awesome prices that you can book. Don’t be afraid to book well in advance.

This is where the game begins:

Once you have the check, keep your eyes open for days when the price drops dramatically.

It happens more often than you think.

Once it does, immediately refund your payment and buy the ticket at the bigger discounted price. As with hotels, before you do that, make sure what the refund policy is for cruise ships that you plan to travel with.

That way there won’t be any surprises and everything will be according to the correct policy.


#4 Use shipping to ship the biggest weight to the destination

sending items beforehand to the destination

When I started traveling around the world, there was something that was always bothering me – like I couldn’t properly enjoy my adventures.

Then I found what weighed me down – the weight itself.

The weight of all my luggage and travel items was one of the reasons I didn’t feel rested.

That is why I created this 4,500-word article on what you can do to lighten the packing weight for travels.

To take one hack out of it, an extremely useful tip that I used was to send the bulkiest items beforehand. That way you can take your trusty backpack and truly enjoy the trip to your destination.

I think you can imagine how big of a difference it makes when 10kg (at least) is off of your shoulders.

Not only does your body and mind relax, but you save time and money from not having to wait for checked luggage and luggage fees.


#5 Make use of local transport cards

use transport cards in foreign countries

For example, if you were to visit Hong Kong, the first thing to do is to get an Octopus Card.

According to Wikipedia, the Octopus Card is used by 99% of the Hong Kong population aged 18-65.

Once you see that kind of monopoly, you better pay attention. I, personally, haven’t had the pleasure to visit Hong Kong yet, but I do take notes from people that have.

According to them, you should put a couple of hundred bucks/euros on that card, and then use it in trains, buses, trams, ferries.

Even fast-food places like McDonald’s and regular supermarkets use this card for transferring money.

For Hong Kong visit, these types of cards are really making life more comfortable, and most of all, faster.


#6 Take note of what sim-card you use

local sim cards are cheaper while traveling

There is no question that you will need internet access at some point during your travels.

You can’t rely on Wi-Fi all the time.

But, mobile networks are expensive! Your network providers may offer foreign country discounts, but they may not be cheap enough.

Best solution?

Buy some local sim cards. If you don’t know where to buy, ask a random kiosk. They usually always have disposable sim cards.

If they don’t have it, they can point you towards malls that have them.


#7 Use Google Flights the right way

Google Flights is very powerful.

It was launched in 2011 and is used by millions worldwide. That’s the power of Google.

So, to make sure you know the company that offers the best prices, you better check the Google Flights price graph regularly:

 Google flights to check the travel prices


There is also an option to get an email if the price lowers, but it only works for specific dates.

To see prices with huge flight discounts with no date restriction that Google Flights has, I would recommend a website that specializes in finding the best deals.

Check out ScottsCheapFlights.

By signing up there, you basically get flight information that real people monitor every minute, so you don’t miss out on discounts that come and go.

I personally use it as well.


#8 Do not overpack

too much luggage

We sometimes have a tendency to be overly prepared.

It’s understandable but completely unnecessary in terms of items that you plan to take.

“Do plan ahead, but don’t plan with your luggage.”

I remember moments in my early travel days where I took way too many items with me.

All together it was about 23kg, give or take. Now, I’ve lost about 80% of that weight.

Do you know the best part of doing so?

You really start to enjoy traveling. It doesn’t make it as stressful as it usually does. See, in the back of our minds, a little devil sits and tells us that if we miss our transport, we will carry all this heavy and awful weight with us for HOURS.

But as soon as you lose the luggage weight, all your problems will seem much more manageable just because you can manage the weight you carry with ease.

It’s quite psychological, but it’s true!

Your body is not the only body part that needs rest. Your mind is crucial for vacation enjoyments!


#9 Consider timelines and setting clocks

set time to destination to avoid jet lag

One of the smartest things to do, when flying long distances, is setting the clock up to destination time.

So, for example, if the country you visit is 6 hours behind, make sure that you go to sleep at 5 AM local time.

I’ve tried to sleep in planes numerous times to avoid jet lag.

It’s not fun feeling tired and having sleeping problems. That is why it’s best to counter jet lag in any way you can.


#10 Don’t forget to check hotel prices, as it might be even cheaper compared to Airbnb

hotels might be cheaper than airbnb 1

Lately, people are so stuck on using Airbnb as their main booking site, that they forget to check hotel prices.

In fact, Airbnb prices are steadily increasing, especially with additional fees (once you’ve chosen the place you like).

Yes, I am talking about the cleaning fee. It might cost you $10 to get a good night’s sleep, but the cleaning fee might turn out to be $150.

As I’ve found out, whether all the associated fees show up on the listing, depends on the country. Some countries demand the site to show all the information from the get-go.

So, if you want to save money, just make sure to check out hotel prices as well. Depending on the location, you may find a pleasant surprise.


#11 Use “Best Rate Guarantee” in hotels to get an even cheaper price

check hotel sites for "best rate guarantee"

That’s a useful hack if you have a couple of minutes to do slight research on prices.

What is “Best Rate Guarantee”?’

It’s what hotels use to make sure they have the lowest rate out of all third-party sites.

So, for example, let’s say that 3 nights at a Marriott hotel is going to cost you $1,000. If you find a lower price on ANY site other than Marriot’s where the price is lower, you should make a screenshot of the page, and send a claim to Marriott after booking. If it is approved, they will not only MATCH the price but will lower the total cost up to 25% (as far as it says at the time of publishing).

Where should you check the prices for hotels? MillionMileSecrets has a nice list:

Marriott isn’t the only one, there are many hotels that have “Best Rate Guarantees”. Some have a very strict policy to avoid cheaters, so it may not always work. But as with everything, trying doesn’t hurt.


#12 Be Respectful

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve got from Reddit is actually to be nice to people.

I’ve had stress levels raised to great heights, and because of that, it was easy to be moody.

But, when I sought advice on Reddit on various topics back in 2011, I stumbled upon one single tip that changed my whole demeanor on travel.

After all, everyone can be stressed.

However, when people see your bubble of great energy, their attitude changes also.

Being respectful to people is contagious.

On top of all that, when you show respect, they might even be forthcoming and reach out to you.

I’ve witnessed many situations where my respect for others paid me back multiple times over.


To save all these tips, the best way is to share and follow us on social media.

I’ve got hundreds of tips to give out for free, but they are not on this page only. The newsletter is also one of the ways to be up to date.

Have anything to add? Write it down below for me and others.


  1. Thank you for these great travel ‘hacks’. I have not heard of many of them so it’s my lucky day as I do like to travel (restrictions willing) and these are some great ideas to save money. I like the idea of saving money but rarely check too many sites just because it takes time. However, the tips you have listed make a lot of sense. And I had never heard of Google Flights either – maybe because I’m in the UK, but I’m definitely going to bookmark that. Thanks again. 

  2. I use Reddit also for travel tips and such, but I haven’t yet seen all these interesting travel hacks, so it’s nice of you to point these 10 out. It was the first time that I heard about hack number 7: google flights, and also how to use that right, quite interesting! Now I just need to apply number 8, and that is to not overpack, that is going to be tough haha!

  3. Some really amazing tips here, definitely going to remember the tip about using local transport from the airport to a car rental dealership a bit further away from the airport, it had never really dawned on me that yo could save so much money by doing this. And also I will aim to travel much lighter on my future adventures, I am guilty of over-packing and then some at times, even for a weekend break I often pack 8 outfits (Sigh).

    Thanks again for some great advice.

  4. I love traveling, I think it is such a great way for us all to learn new cultures and explore the world that we live in. Because of this global pandemic, I miss traveling even more. Once this is all over, I am going  to start traveling again. Thanks for sharing all these amazing hacks! I have to say I always go for the car rental right by the airport, I guess it is just for the convenience. Right now we have uber now so it is very smart, I like this idea a lot!

    The Sim Card! It is so smart! I always forget! Thanks again for sharing these amazing tips! 

  5. Thank you for these tips. I will keep them in mind for when travel restrictions are lifted all over the world. I’m sure they will come in handy.

    Your last tip, be respectful, is useful everywhere, but especially in a foreign country. Nobody likes a newcomer who comes in and ridicule their customs, their traditions, their way of life.

  6. Hi
    I find your tips quite useful. Moving your reservation so you can then cancel and gain a refund is a brilliant idea. It think it is unfortunate that anyone should have to pay for a service that they don’t actually use. There ought to be a limit say you only pay for the first day when this happens.

    Personally I would be more inclined to use a hotel that has a set fee for cancellation that is essentially paying for the inconvenience rather than the actual stay.

    I find the tip about renting cars to be quite true. I often use this because the cars at the airport are often the most expensive. It takes a bit more time to arrange but it saves a bundle in the long run.

    I also find it useful to connect with persons locally on my travels. If you now anyone there ahead of your travel connecting with them can help a lot. The locals always know the best places to stay and shop and so forth. This actually helps you to save a bundle.

    Sending most of the weight ahead sounds like a super idea. Of course things could get complicated if you find yourself having to cancel that trip. I’m curious as to how you suggest dealing with that.

    These are some great tips.

    Candy Benn

    1. Hey Candy. Thanks for your comment! I use the car renting hack and I just love the feeling of saving my money. 

      As far as how to get the luggage back when the trip is canceled, you can wait out the time to pick it up. As it’s expired, they should send it back.

      Also, your awesome tip on connecting with people locally may help you with that. In that case, send some items towards them. They would be much more understanding of your situation 😉

      – Alex

  7. Thanks for the top ten travel hacks and the significance of staying consistent on Reddit! Good to know users came up with some hacks and achieved success with ease! This is in conformity with the law of demand – stating, an increase in rental demand for tourists will cause an increase in the prices of car rentals.

    It’s amazing to remember some concepts in Economics as taught far back in school! From experience, most people get bothered due to excessive weight while traveling. Kudos for suggesting the best ways to reduce travel weight and travel weight-free! Thanks.


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