Welcome to TravelHackit.com site. My name is Alex and let me briefly introduce myself:


Me in Tallinn

When I first traveled to Italy, I understood something: My wallet was suffering tremendously!

I never had fun seeing my piggy bank get thinner each day, while I was obligated to enjoy my vacation. It’s as if my vacation wasn’t really bringing me joy.

And it was because of one fact:


They just poked me each time I took a taxi, booked a hotel, took a flight, ate at restaurants…

I remember how I started researching this topic. It took me weeks filtering useless information and just trying to find hacks, tricks, tips… everything that would save me money.

While I did that, I realized 2 things:

1) I wished I could turn back time to get 70% of my money back.

2) Next time my travels would be 300% more enjoyable!

The number of useful tips that I got blew my mind. And the best part?

It changed my life. I applied them to my life and saw instant changes. My comfort levels flew through the roof, and the money was safely unused.

In the beginning, I actually felt dirty. As if I used some illegal techniques to scam people and companies. Imagine seeing a $20,000 car, and getting it for only $4,000!

And you know what?

All these travel hacks are actually legal, and perfectly usable. People just don’t know about these travel tricks.



After years of using these traveling techniques, I felt like sharing is the best course.


Because I have accumulated enough knowledge to write a book! No one wants to die keeping all their cards and tricks hidden away. I see absolutely no point in that, and the more people know about it, the better I’ll feel.

But before releasing a book, let me share my finding, tips, and hacks through a blogging medium. That way people get my secrets for free.

Why release a book then?

A book helps to go deeper into the process. A book will also gather all my travel hacks into one medium, and it will save people lots of time.



I want to help people. Never had I thought that I would be releasing all this information to all the readers.

But I realized a fact:

Seeing the reactions of my friends who used these tricks and hacks I shared with them, I definitely want to see more happy reactions.

It’s like a drug to me. If my travel hacks helped you, please share them through comments – I’d be more than happy to read your stories.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I’ll do my best to help you.

All the best,


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