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Most Useful Travel Accessories For Dogs in the Car!

Looking for travel accessories for dogs in the car?

Let me show almost 20 of them!

None of those are in a particular order, but each one of these can be extremely useful when traveling for long periods of time with your pet inside the car.

Remember! You don’t need all of these!

My goal at the moment is to give you some ideas and where you can buy them.

Choose these at your own preference 😉


#1 – Treats that calm your dog down

dog treats that keep the dog calm during travel

Depending on what kind of dog you have, you might need it. Usually, the bigger ones are more chill, but the small dogs tend to bark and be more energetic.

If you picture your dog as one of the energetic ones, consider buying dog treats with the calming effect.

Car travels can be stressful, especially when the home is far away.

This one called Pet Naturals of Vermont is highly rated among car travelers due to its effectiveness. Many have tried them on their pets and saw results sooner rather than later.

Give them a try:


#2 – The longer leash is best for dogs in newer areas

When you go either on vacation (like Disneyland), on random trips, or just doing visits, it is a good idea to give your dog a bit of slack in terms of leash length.

After they exit the car, they will sniff every single inch they get their nose on.

To ease up on the annoying pulls that your dog will do, why not have a longer leash. That way you will have a better travel experience, and your dog will enjoy these trips more.


Here is a good long leash:


#3 – Portable car vacuum cleaner

I find it very useful without the dog also, but with animals inside the car, it almost becomes a necessity.

Portable car vacuum cleaners are useful for when your dog accidentally makes a mess, or to remove hair from your car.

Trust me, buying this one is much more convenient than paying a professional to do the job for you. Just throw one in the luggage and whip it out at the end of the travel, when the dog is out of the car.

The one I am listing is a bestseller on Amazon and can clean various messes, including the wet ones.

You can get it here:


#4 – First-aid Kit specifically for your dog

Believe it or not, there are first-aid kits designed specifically for your pets.

Whether you travel by car or not, it’s a good idea to have them just in case. You never know when your dog might accidentally fall from high places or something (I don’t know why, but it sounded very ‘evil’ typing it).

It’s a good idea to get one because when you finish your car ride with your dog, you can just take it home with you for future emergencies.


#5 – Backpack that fits your dog

When you have arrived at the destination by car with your dog, you might not want to leave your pet inside the car.

That is where specific backpacks come to save the day.

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Mind you, if your dog is a fully grown Golden Retriever or something along the lines, just skip this accessory.

This dog accessory is only for the small ones. Unless you are into back pain, hah.

The one I recommend here is fairly popular due to its original build, breathable material, and comfortable design.

Be aware that its recommended max weight is 10lbs (~5 kg).


#6 – Backseat Cover for dogs

cover for backseat for dogs

From time to time, you are in too much hurry to focus on cleaning your dog from all the dirt it carries.

I know you also want to keep your car relatively clean as well, so that is where these covers help a lot.

I chose this particular version because it fits every car and SUV that you might drive, it is very easy to clean, and creates this barrier between you and the dog behind. All the dirt will stay in the back seat and can be easily removed, once the dog is out.


#7 – Car Window Shades

Usually, they are mostly used by people, but when it gets crowded with other animals, things get heated very quickly.

I say it in the literal sense.

The more we breathe, the hotter it gets, and when the fur is fat for our dogs, the situation gets real miserable.

Yes, we might have a climate regulator in our cars, but they might not always be the best option. Some prefer to have it turned off for better air, so it’s really up to you what you like.

Window shades may help keep the car temperature cool, and your dog happy.

You can get some good ones here:


#8 – Booster Seats for your dog

This one is definitely not needed but can make the life of your dog more interesting.

Its goal is basically to lift the seat up in the backseat to a height that your dog sees out the window.

It might keep it from barking out of boredom, and that way keeps the traveling as fun for your pet as it is to you.

As you might have guessed, it’s only for the small dogs. Bigger ones will just sit on it as if nothing is there. They also don’t need it, so it’s really only for dogs like Chihuahuas or Pugs.


#9 – Kennels/Shelters for your pets

This one is good for other animals as well, and not only for one. As it’s a two-in-one, you can fit two animals inside it.

It works like this: You connect them together, you get a single kennel. If you want separation, you can put a wall in the middle. If that is not enough, you can zip them open and place each side wherever you want in the car.

It’s very diverse in its usage.

I would use it if you have two dogs that bark at each other a lot, or if you have one dirty dog that can’t keep still in one place.

You can find it here:


#10 – Car Smell Remover

It’s not unheard of that dogs may just crap themselves from either excitement or from impatience.

That is when this accessory comes to save your nose!

It’s also good if your dog just gives out a strong smell, and you don’t want to have your car smell like a zoo.

These odor eliminators really do the trick. I have used them countless times myself, and the car has never smelled better, no matter how strong the external source is.

If you feel like you may need it for your lovely dog, invest into one from here:


#11 – Buy a No-Spill water bowl for car trips

There are some amazing creations out there, and one of them is a bowl that minimizes spill.

It’s very useful for car trips. After all, your dog needs to hydrate as well, and it cannot drink from the bottles. Regular bowls will hydrate the floor of your car more than the dog itself.

This one has a very smart design, where the floating plate is on the surface of the water and lowers when the water ends.

For dogs, it will feel like black magic with the never-ending water.


#12 – A backpack for your dog

Before I mentioned a backpack where your dog goes in for us to carry. This time it’s the dog that does the carrying.

And no, they won’t carry us, as fun as it would be.

This accessory is more oriented towards bigger dogs that can handle the extra weight. In those backpacks, you can put whatever you want, and that makes it more fun for everyone.

One idea is to put a first-aid kit in there so that your dog will look as if it’s a personal medical dog. The options are endless.

You can get this nice dog saddle for your purposes. Remember, for bigger dogs only:


#13 – A portable Dog Water Bottle

You know, I sometimes do have to take my words back. I apologize.

There is a portable dog water bottle.

I guess there is everything for every situation. The one I am about to recommend is extremely popular, and it is easy to carry around.

Sometimes you don’t want to use the bowl, and this is where the dog water bottle excels. You just need to squeeze it, and the water pours into a little silicone bowl that is on top.

The bottle is designed to not spill, and the excess water doesn’t return into the bottle due to avoid possible contamination. Instead, it goes inside the installed tube that can be emptied.

Many love to use it, and it’s recommended by many dog owners. It’s perfect when you leave the car to camp and want to hydrate your pet on the go.


#14 – Car Ramp for disabled pets

What if your dog is old, or it has a disability?

That is where car ramps may help. Those weak bones might be brittle for high jumps, so they might need some extra help. If they are very big dogs, you might not carry them as easily, so that’s why car ramps come to help.

These car ramps are usually made of high traction material so that your dog does not slip. They might also have rails in case the paws like to wander to the sides too much.

The only issue with them is that the ramp might take up too much space. It’s usually foldable, but even they might have to make some sacrifices if you travel long distances.

It’s up to you to decide this time. You can get more information here:


#15 – Chew Toys help keep the dog occupied

What do our dogs do when they are bored. They focus on what moves.

Usually, that is a person. When we go on a car journey, they might not always keep their attention on what goes on outside.

They will want to find entertainment from the inside of the car.

That is why it’s best to equip yourself with more toys. Just like with kids, you want to make the trip fun for dogs as well. Chew toys are perfect for these kinds of scenarios.

Which one is the best?

Just visit your local pet shop and choose one to your own liking.


#16 – Grooming wipes are extremely useful

Our dogs by nature are bound to get dirty. Especially when they travel to new places where they will want to explore new areas.

That means one thing. The dog will get dirty.

But since we can’t always rely on showers and baths, the grooming wipes are perfect to save the say.

They don’t require shampoo or water, yet they easily remove all the smell and dirt from our dogs. It’s a very good idea to take some with you just for these occasions alone.


#17 – Blankets are dogs’ true friends

And make sure that it’s easy to wash as well. A warm, soft blanket will make the life of your dog real cozy, and will even calm the dog down.

By using one, your dog can control the temperature he wants by himself. If it’s cold, the dog cozies up inside the blanket! If it’s hot, it will leave it.

What if it’s too hot inside the car? That’s where the next accessory is useful: Coming soon.


#18 – Cooling Mats for dogs

No extra stuff is needed. It just works through the gel to keep the surface cool. If your dog or your car tends to overheat, god forbid, cooling mats will keep everything under control.

There aren’t many of them in regular shops, so if you can’t find one, consider getting this one: Coming soon.


#19 – Consider the requirements for the dogs, depending on the country and airline

The airline itself may have a weight limit, usually around 20lbs.

  • If the dog is under the weight limit, it may stay with you.
  • If your dog is over that, it probably goes into the cargo hold, with other luggage.

But there can still be an additional fee, so you have to consult and do research on the airline you plan to use. The only dogs that usually get a free ticket, are the service dogs. So unless you are blind or with a certain disability that requires a god, you are out of luck in terms of free passes.

On top of airline requirements when traveling with the dog, there can be requirements from a foreign country.

These requirements may be in a form of vaccination documents and USDA papers.

So, my recommendation would be to use a car as much as possible and have a place where you can leave your dog safely. That’s because many attractions that are out there don’t allow animals with you. Same with accommodations.

It’s not the same as just strapping the baby on your chest and getting free passes.



It isn’t easy to be as spontaneous as you’d like when you have a dog with you.

Luckily, there are many accessories for dogs in the car that make the travel go as smoothly as possible. But, I may have missed a few something.

If you think something should be added, just leave a comment with the said accessory or any tip down in the comments, and I am sure that many dog-owners will be grateful for it.

Stay safe!

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