18 Cool Travel Hacks to Impress People – Be careful with #11!

Trust me, there are tons of cool travel hacks that you can use right now.

Some are more traditional, and some use that sweet technology. Most of these will make your life easier.

As there are lots of information out there, I decided to compile a list.

As always, if you liked them, please consider sharing. It helps me out the most.

So, these cool travel hacks are handpicked by me personally, and I use them when traveling around the world:


#1 – Use Google Maps the right way

using google maps is a cool travel hacks if you know how to use it

As Google is trying to inject themselves into every part of our life, they do it with sacrifice.

Most of what they offer is free.

That is how they hooked us. That is why they are the biggest company on the internet right now.

Take advantage of that. Google Maps is an awesome application that you are probably using frequently. However, it has some secrets up its sleeve.

If you travel to a new place, make sure you have a map ready for offline usage as well.

To do that, type “ok map” in google map search:

use google maps to type ok map to get offline map

It only works on mobiles and tablets. The size of your downloaded map depends on how big of an area you want to download.

In my case, I took a huge chunk of New York, and it weighs 215 MB.

If you don’t want to spend your mobile network storage, check out the next cool travel trick:


#2 – Download a free Wi-Fi app

use wifi apps to connect to others and get free internet

No, it does not give you free Wi-Fi by itself.

What it does, it searches the area in which you are in and provides you a list of all available networks, that users themselves give out. You find internet hotspots, basically. And the Wi-Fi app is a medium.

That way you won’t have to search for a local McDonalds anymore.

One of these apps is this one.

There are many apps like that, with just as many advantages and disadvantages.

I personally use the one I linked to you. It serves its purpose quite well. I would wish more people used it so that there would be more hotspots in some countries, but it’s better than nothing.

Technology advances, and soon we’ll be connected to each other like a sea of webs in a forest.


#3 – Instead of Taxi, use local electric scooters

electric scooters are cool

In the current climate, electric scooters are gaining enormous traction. In Tallinn, where I personally live, we have Bolt.

Bolt provides us with electric scooters that I can drive with an app. Last year, I used the app to find one (usually one is always within 100 meters) and pay 0,15€ per minute of driving.

Not only do I save money by avoiding taxis, but I discover much more.

I liked it so much that I bought my own personal scooter. Whenever I visit a new country by car, I throw my scooter in the back (it’s foldable) and take my scooter out to discover new places.

That way I see more, discover more, and enjoy the ride more.

Personally, I love this cool travel hack the most.


#4 – Use the belt as a pillow

You are like, what, right?

What I mean by that is, if you travel by bus, or in the car, and your head just falls to the side, try doing this:

  1. Take our your belt (not to confuse with seatbelt)
  2. Wrap it around the head cushion and your forehead

You’ll look like a cool ninja, and you won’t have problems with your head falling left and right.

If the belt seems too uncomfortable for you, try a scarf, or a thin blouse that you can wrap around just as easily.

Just make sure you don’t bother someone that is sitting behind you.

It may not seem as cool to them as it is to us 😉


#5 – Try Google Lens, just trust me!

google lens give out amazing fact and it is cool travel hack with your friends

Be honest with me.

Do you really like tour guides?

I mean, I have nothing against them, but it gets seriously tedious following them around with a bunch of people you do not know.

For me, it was always 50/50. Sometimes I get a cool guide who shows and tells me everything that I need or wanted to know.

Other times I get Professor Binns, a history teacher from Harry Potter, that talks so boringly that I find more interest in playing an offline Running Dinosaur game in my chrome app.

That is why I found more enjoyment from using Google Lens. Google lens lets you take a picture of any object, and recognize it immediately.

Use it to your advantage.

Take photos of famous places or objects, and Google will immediately recognize and tell you the most important parts that you should know.

Use it secretly with your friends and tell them some amazing facts that you found from your results.

They will be amazed.


#6 ATM’s are your friends

a cool travel hack is to use atm instead of currency exchange

If you are visiting a country that has a different currency from what you use, then do not use currency exchange points.

You will lose much more money because they are taking a flat fee that is times higher than what the currency rate actually is.

ATMs, on the other hand, are much less aggressive with that. Sure, they take their small cut, but you will probably save so much that you can use it to visit a restaurant.

So, hopped off the plane? Look for ATMs.


#7 Incognito can save you money sometimes

incognito mode gives cool airline prices

Ok, this hack may work sometimes, and sometimes it doesn’t.

I have visited many airline pages, and most of them do not care whether you visit in Incognito mode or not – the price stays the same.

But I have noticed that for some airline pages a few years back, the price literally fell €50.

Incognito mode off = 250 euros.

Incognito mode on = 200 euros.

This method definitely doesn’t work all the time, as I mentioned. It has even been debunked by Huffington Post.

However, I, as well many others have witnessed this phenomenon. Whether it’s on purpose to raise prices for frequent visitors of travel airline pages, or it’s just a technical mishap, I do not know.

However, it doesn’t hurt to try it out. If it works, you can definitely boast about it to your friends. It’ll be pretty cool.

Tell me about it as well. I love reading about stuff like that.


#8 Mark your luggage as fragile to get it sooner from the airport carousel

This hack is already in use by some, and I am no exception.

By marking it as fragile, airport workers put your bag on top of others, which means it comes out sooner from the carousel.

Do you know why it works?

Because at no point do you have to prove that there are fragile items in your bags!

Just tell the person behind the counter to put a “fragile” sticker on it.

There can be moments where the staff doesn’t notice a sticker, so it may not work every time. To improve your chances, you can make your own separate sticker or a notice that is very visible.

It tells the staff to be extra cautious, so it’ll be handled better.


#9 Use an old shirt to draw on it

use old shirt to draw instructions on it

As you see in the picture, you can draw some instructions for local people.

Not everyone speaks English, and sometimes you don’t have an internet connection.

That’s when it’s a good idea to use your imagination to draw whatever icons you might think you might need – Food, sleep, internet, hotel, camp, airport, etc.

If you don’t want to walk around with a shirt like that, just save this article on a phone and pop it out when you need it. Show the picture on your electronic device, and let the locals do the rest.

Of course, you might like Google Translate more, but…

The shirt looks cooler.


#10 – There are these things called “Wash Bags”

use wash bags to wash kids clothes on the go

I talked about them in my article about travel hacks for kids.

What they are meant to do is, whenever you lack washing machines, you can throw your clothes inside the Wash Bag, and you can manually wash your stuff without your hands getting wet.

It may not be convenient to take it with you, but it does look pretty cool.

You can find one here.


#11 – Use compression socks

compression socks are good for travel

Apart from looking like you are some kind of a football player, they do provide some recovery benefits.

There may be no official medical benefit out there, but I swear by them – just because I feel like after a long day of walk my legs are recovered in a matter of minutes.

If you find the right fit, they might help you as well. Just be careful that the size is right, so they don’t cut off blood circulation too much.

If everything is correct, you will probably feel the same benefits that I do.

Compression socks will help you, and they look awesome.

Check it here on Amazon.


#12 – Take duct tape with you

duct tape saves and protects you feet during travel

A duct tape is never redundant in your trips.

Whenever something breaks off, duct tape is usually always the one that comes to save the day.

You’ll look like Macgyver next to your friends.

What many don’t know is, they are also awesome protectors of your feet.

All you need to do is wrap it around the hurtful blisters, and trust me, the pain will be reduced by 80%. I have no idea how many times I’ve used this method myself.

Bandaids are awesome, but they aren’t always the right size, nor the cheapest option.

Duct tape may be difficult to take off, but they look more badass.


#13 – Email yourself a digital version of your documents

When we visit new countries, we always run a risk.

We may lose something, forget something, or have our items stolen.

One of these items might be your passport.

That is why it’s not only a good idea but really important to scan your documents and then email them to you.

If you don’t have a scanner, at least take a picture of it with your phone. That ensures that you have at least something to show to either airports, police, etc.

My recommendation after losing it is to visit your country’s local embassy. They will tell you what to do next.


#14 – Taking kids with you? Put their shoes inside yours

It may not look cool to everyone, but your children will think it’s pretty cool.

Make sure that the kids’ shoes are not too dirty, otherwise, you’ll experience painful walks in the city you visit.


#15 – Use a TV to charge your phone

charge your phone with a modern tv

I love using it.

If, for whatever reason, you forget the charger but you have the cable, find a TV.

Almost all modern TVs have USB slots at the back. Just connect it there and let the electricity flow through your devices.

Sometimes, I even use TVs when I didn’t forget anything. I just love the reactions I get from people that are with me.

It’s as if I am a hacker doing something impressive.

The reactions are awesome.

Try it out!


#16 – Cool travel hack to find your car

This one I found out just recently, and despite my hesitation to believe it, it actually worked!

See, as we travel a lot, we kind of tend to forget where our car is parked. Our visual senses are overloaded due to so much new information.

Worry not!

If you know the general area where your car is parked, and it makes a sound, you can boost the signal up to 100 feet (30 meters).

Place your car’s remote key to your chin, and push the button. If that doesn’t work, open your mouth as well. You see, our head seems to be a good conductor that results in increased signal range.

So, when you are with relatives or friends, you can show this off.

It would be a pretty cool trick.


#17 Whip out your sim card holder

sim card holder for travel - travel hacks

When traveling in many different countries, I always recommend buying a new sim card at the local kiosk. Your internet cost is going to be very small if you do that.

However, since sim cards are small, they get lost. They are like socks. You may buy many, but somehow you end up only with a few of them. Socks are like a mystery to me…

So, to avoid placing them in a place where they can slip out, use sim cardholders. It’s a new item for me as well, as I’ve learned about these holders recently. However, I have found them extremely useful as I have been traveling to various places and sim cards to tend to get lost.

This is the one that I use. It’s available on Amazon.

You don’t have to get this one specifically, but it’s perfect for me. This holder is spill-proof, has a slip-free pocket, and can fit standard, micro, nano sims, as well as regular SD card in them.

Plus, it looks really cool.


#18 Bought too many items on your trip? Use IKEA bags!

use ikea bags if bought too many items on trip

Does it look cool? Absobloodylutely!

I’ve stumbled upon this while surfing forums. The original uploader actually got a bit flak for it, as the bag looked as if it won’t go through airport security.

After he finished the flight, he posted an update saying that everything went well and no one even batted an eye.

What you do is, take an IKEA bag (or any bag that’s similar), put mostly your clothes inside the bag, and then put the bag in ANOTHER bag upside down, so that your personal clothes won’t be seen, and won’t fall out.

It’s one of the cheapest ways to an overstuffing issue. If it looks a bit ridiculous for your taste, I understand. Then, I would recommend going into any local supermall and asking for the cheapest duffel bag.

This IKEA bag, however, is more like your DIY duffel bag.


Thank you for reading till the end.

If you enjoyed some of these tips, please consider sharing! It helps me the most.

If you have any of your own cool travel hacks, please share them in the comment section below.

I read them regularly and many others would love to read them as well.

Stay safe!


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  1. This website hooked me from the great visual on the home page. I had no choice but to read what else there was on offer. I was not disappointed. There were some great travel tips and the writing was easy and flowed well. Light humour also added to the ease of reading the content. The information was relevant and actually made me want to try some of this out when the world reopens and we an travel again. Good stuff!

  2. I am not really into traveling since I preferred staying in my home but this comprehensive guide is really insightful. I mostly agree with the first point on the list. I often used google when I am looking for a foreign place to buy something or if there is a business I had to attend to. The part of using your belt as the cushion is actually amusing and funny. Well, that is actually my first time hearing that and it sounds cool. And I have this habit of not bringing money with me but my cash card instead. That way, I know that I won’t lose money even if someone would attempt to rob me. Overall, a good travel hack list indeed.

  3. Wow ! These tips are very useful.My favourites are the lens, Bolt scooter, marking luggage as fragile, duct tape, and digital documents. I have always wondered what i would do if my documents got lost during my trip. How come I didn’t think of making copies or taking shots from my phone?. I have travelled before and found myself in need of something like duct tape. I didn’t know where in the strange area to get such a a helpful tool. Thanks for these hacks and am going to share it.

  4. These are great!  Never knew about charging on a tv. Compression socks really help when flying – especially as you get older. So many good ideas.   I’d highly recommend anyone who travels spend the time to read this. 

    Thank you! I’ll be sure to use most of these. Not to mention I love google maps. 

    1. Using compression socks for flying is an awesome use for it. Googling around it seems many use it for better circulation and to prevent swelling post-flight. 

      A great trip!

      – Alex

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